Salvadoran dancer performs the play "El Encierro", in Barcelona

By Hector Murcia

Spain - Laura Benitez, dancer and assistant director, stars, the work "El Encierro", written by the Costa Rican artistic director Francisco Centeno-Rodríguez and which was recently presented in the city of Barcelona, Spain.

Centeno has a great international career in the world of dance, He was Director of the National School of Dance of El Salvador, Founding Director of the National Dance Company of El Salvador and has traveled to different Latin American countries as a choreographer and now presents this work performed by the Salvadoran dancer.

For the director, his work projects the psychological consequences left by the pandemic, due to the confinement suffered by a large part of the population and in particular women. In it he has also included poems by Pablo Neruda or Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.

The notorious audience that was present at Casa América Catalunya where the work was presented, and the highlighted support shown, has motivated the Salvadoran dancer a lot since the work has not been easy, it has required a lot of effort and dedication for several months.

Francisco Centeno also seeks that his work interpreted by Laura Benítez reaches more places in the world, including El Salvador and Costa Rica. The efforts are focused on giving a renewed vision of the art of contemporary dance.

Laura has a long artistic career as a Founding member of the National Dance Company of El Salvador, Principal Soloist in the National Ballet of Peru, dancer of the Dominican National Ballet, He has even won the Award for Best Performer awarded by the dancer Vladimir Malakhov in Cuba.

Benítez is currently studying Choreography and Interpretation at the Alicia Alonso Dance Institute in Madrid, Spain, His wish is that this type of project reaches more people and that they can enjoy works like this.