2 December, 2022

Latin America welcomes you to "All with Voice"

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

"All with Voice" is a movement that seeks to make visible, empower and raise awareness about political rights, economic and information issues for women in Latin America, working in alliance with the media, universities, institutions, political parties and governments, to achieve a change that allows progress towards gender equality in the region.

The “All with Voice” team is made up of women specialists in communication with a gender perspective, with experience in media management, political campaigns, marketing, social media, and public relations, They have also collaborated on projects to strengthen women's leadership in Latin America..

For this effort, three professionals and leaders in their unions unite: the communication specialist and strategist 360, Cardinal Sanhueza; the consultant and strategist in political communication, Paola Molina Noguera, and the investigative and data journalist, communications advisor and president of Voice of the Diaspora, Milagro Vallecillos.

In addition to this effort, the international news agency "Voice of the Diaspora" with correspondents on five continents, that will bring content to their respective countries that enhance the figure of women with a projection of equity.

"It is a comprehensive movement that will give voice to women leaders, will promote your political rights, economic and information, generating programs and tools with a gender perspective. For us it is essential to make visible what women are doing in Latin America ”, emphasized the communication specialist 360, Cardinal Sanhueza.

Cardinal Sanhueza, communication strategist 360.

This movement will also promote tools that improve the participation rates of women in the political and business spheres., and will generate strategic alliances in Latin America with organizations that work in favor of respect for women's rights.

"We will strengthen the leadership of women in politics, since every day his voice becomes decisive in the design and execution of public policies. We intend to strengthen their communication capacities to ensure their access to power and that they can influence the change of course of our nations. Unfortunately, in Latin American parliaments, neither 30% of seats occupied by women, There is so much to do", said the strategist in political communication, Paola Molina Noguera.

Paola Molina Noguera, strategist in political communication.

"All with Voice" promotes political rights, economic and information, through awareness campaigns that promote gender equality, in addition to developing training programs with a gender perspective.

"The woman from the media is vital for the generation of content that promotes gender issues. Promoting women in leadership positions in the mainstream media and on digital platforms is the great challenge of our times, worries that only he 20% of the information that is published covers women ", affirmed the president of Voice of the Diaspora, Milagro Vallecillos.

Milagro Vallecillos during an interview conducted by La Estrella de Panamá.

Next to them, a group of renowned women communicators and opinion leaders from across the continent will carry out gender equality programs, that will give the balance that our Latin American countries require so much to raise their standards as more egalitarian societies.