Latinas in South Korea coronavirus challenge and commemorate the International Women's Day

With masks put, a group of Mexican and Salvadoran toured several places in Seoul to commemorate the International Women's Day.

photo VD: Rocio Rivas.
By Rocío Rivas

It is 8 of March, International Women's Day. In countries like Mexico, El Salvador and Spain are various manifestations.

South Korea, because its Ministry of Health and Welfare confirmed, to date, 7,382 Patients with coronavirus, South Korean government asked the population to refrain from demonstrations or any kind of mass meeting.

However, communities of Mexicans and Salvadorans living in Korea commemorated International Women's Day through social networks.

"We had scheduled an event here in Korea 7 of March, but since it had to be postponed, I did not want the date to pass unnoticed. It is a very important issue worldwide, but in my country this 8 Y 9 there is 2 super movements as important and as we happen to be still far in the distance we want to feel the support ", He explained Alejandra Piña, the president of the AMMC (Association of Mexican Women in Korea) .

Alejandra took the first commemorative photo and invited the community to do the same, then formulate a collage.

A similar idea, He had the Association of Salvadorans in South Korea, who they have produced several collages where you can appreciate Salvadoran women, He triumphing in their undergraduate and graduate studies, giving classes, participating in culinary and cultural events in order to keep alive their roots in this Asian country.

photo VD: Rocio Rivas.
photo VD: Rocio Rivas.
photo VD: Rocio Rivas.
Photo: CEO.

Women took pictures of different representative sites in Seoul as part of the commemoration.