"The forgotten graves in the general cemetery of the canton Las Isletas"

Covid-19 forced families to abandon the graves of the deceased. Photo: Courtesy.
By Reynaldo Barraza

The Savior – The 2 November as a Salvadoran tradition, many people came to flower or visit the graves at the cemeteries of their loved ones who have already passed away, but in recent years it has been different, the gravestones of the cemeteries are "forgotten", they look lonely and deteriorated.

One of the few visitors, it was Josefina Pérez, who was infuriating her dear husband, explained that: "I feel sad to see the desolate graves, without anyone taking care of them and without anyone worrying about
they", This is how Josefina stressed and said that she would never stop remembering her loved ones and that is why each 2 November goes to the general cemetery of Las Isletas.

For many Salvadorans, It is painful to see the "forgotten" graves by those relatives who, when people were alive, loved them very much., they appreciated them and did not even want them to pass away, but now that unfortunately they are no longer there, they become "forgotten tombs".