Pope phrases Francisco

Photo: JMJ Panamá.
By Elida Moreno

Pope Francisco closed his agenda in Panama with an emotional reunion with thousands of volunteers from different countries of the world who served in World Youth Day (JMJ) which it took place on 22 al 27 from January.

Youth dramas presented him, They told the Pope their testimonies of faith, and they pledged to continue their struggle to rescue the "common house" as Francisco often called the planet.

The Supreme Pontiff of 82 years highlighted the work of volunteers and among others, He highlighted the case of a Panamanian who sacrificed his previous trip to WYD in Krakow to financially support his family.

"That makes you woman, It makes you brave, It makes you an adult ", he said in a firm voice to young 21 years, while some 20 thousand volunteers applauded his gesture.

Pope is a staunch advocate of the causes of youth, the migration, the right to life of the unborn, critic of corruption, and a visionary in favor of the environment.

Photo: JMJ Panamá.

During his stay in Panama, the Supreme Pontiff, true to his extroverted personality, He broke protocol on several occasions, He kissed children, birthday sang a woman in a public street, He met with young inmates, and he brought words of hope to a home for people with HIV-AIDS.

During his stay he shared a dozen messages on key issues before thousands of people from five continents who came to participate in WYD, made several homilies, and Angelus at Home El Buen Samaritano.

That full agenda, We draw for history expressions and arguments that will mark World Youth Day in Panama, whose development coincided with a Latin America affected by internal conflicts.

  1. “Father, like Mary we want to be the Church that fosters a culture that knows host, to protect, promote and integrate; without stigmatizing and less widespread in the most absurd and irresponsible condemnation to identify every immigrant as a bearer of bad social”.

2. Panamanian Foreign Ministry in addressing diplomats, political and civil society leaders reminded them of the need to lead an exemplary life that is of reference for young, especially those living in public activity.

"It is an invitation to live with austerity and transparency, in particular responsibility for others and the world; an invitation to lead a life that demonstrates that the public service is synonymous with honesty and justice, and antonym of any form of corruption ", said the Pope

  1. "Dear young, you can spend the same every time they think their mission, his vocation, even his life is only a promise for the future and has nothing to do with your present. As if to be young was synonymous with waiting room who awaits his hour shift ".

"And in the` while this time tanto', We invent them well packaged hygienically or invent future without consequences, well armed. Thus `tranquilizamos' and numb not to make noise, so they do not ask or ask, to not question or question ".

4. "By constricting or lack of alternatives are submerged in highly conflictual situations and no quick fix: domestic violence, -what femicide plague our continent living in this sense-, and armed criminal gangs, drug traffic, sexual exploitation of children and not so minor, etc., and it hurts to see that at the root of many of these situations is an experience of orphanhood fruit of a culture and a society that fue`desmadrando'. Motherless, He left them orphans. Homes cracked so many times by a system ".

5. To young people in resocialization. "With life people seem easier to put labels and tags freezing and stigmatize, not only the past, but also the present and the future of people. We put labels on people, this is so, This did this, so people who mutters, gossips are like. These signs that, definitely, all they do is divide: here they are good and there are bad; here are the righteous and sinners beyond. And that does not accept Jesus, That is the culture of the adjective. We love jargons people, we love. Vos is your name? I call it good. No, This is an adjective. What is your name? Go to the name of the person, who are you, What are you doing, tenés illusions, how to feel your heart. The gossips are not interested, Fast seek the label to get rid of them ".

6. "How easy it is to fall into the culture of bullying, harassment, bullying, the fierceness with weak ".

7. "Father, Today the Via Crucis of your Son continues: it extends into the gasp of children who are prevented from being born and so many others who are denied the right to have children, family, in children who can not play, to sing, Sound, is extended in battered women, exploited and abandoned, despoiled and their dignity ninguneadas; in the sad eyes of young people who see their hopes snatched future due to lack of education and decent work; it extends into the anguish of young faces, friends of ours who fall into the networks of unscrupulous people among them are also people who claim to serve, Sir-, Operating networks, crime and abuse, which feed on their lives. Via Crucis of your Son continues in many young people and families, absorbed into a death spiral because of the drug, the alcohol, prostitution and trafficking, They are deprived not only future but present ".

8. "The weariness of hope born in finding a church that is wounded by sin and which has so often failed to hear so many cries in the cry of the master was hiding".