Thermal detection and monitoring cameras, a prevention technology against contagion and expansion of COVID-19

By Martín Otazua, Marketing Manager Dahua Technology Latam

Any object with a temperature above absolute zero (-273.15 °C) emits infrared radiation, this radiation is an electromagnetic wave with wavelengths that vary between 0.7 μm a 1,000 μm, and it is located between the visible spectrum and microwave. Although we can't see it, we experience it every day, example the sun and fire are infrared energy sources that we can feel through their heat. Thermal detection and monitoring cameras have special sensors, which are devices that detect infrared radiation emitted by an object that is in its image range and distance. These cameras calculate the relationship between radiation and temperature, and in this way they obtain the measurement of the surface of a target.

As we all know, the epidemic we are facing is fierce, highly contagious and causes a strong impact on the health of anyone. Fever as is public knowledge, it is a typical symptom in the development of the virus, which is the main alarm sign to know if someone has been infected.

Nowadays, many companies, commercial squares, supermarkets, airports and other public places, they are using temperature measuring guns, but such a solution is labor intensive and the operators of these are susceptible to infection due to the large number of unavoidable contacts with people. It is here when the Dahua Technology thermal camera comes into action, solving four important factors and answering why use it:

  • Accurate detection and monitoring of the person's body temperature with an error margin of ± 0.3 ° C, mitigating false alarms and confusion in the process of filtering possible cases.
  • Does not require direct contact with people, because it detects the target at a distance of 3 meters.
  • Speed ​​in the detection process, measuring and monitoring 3 people per second, which is highly effective.
  • Does not require a large number of operating personnel, since it can be manipulated by one or two people who control the process.

It is a suitable technological solution for the prevention and preliminary detection of human body temperature in public places during the control of pandemics and highly contagious diseases. But nevertheless, It is worth mentioning that our measurement and detection system is not medical equipment and cannot replace any device that is used in the health sector..

Many people will wonder, "And what do I do with the camera after all the virus outbreaks have passed?”: first point that we must consider is that when the quarantine ends, and people go back to their normal lives, infections are unfortunately going to increase again. So that's when we must learn to live with the virus and, the governments, institutes, universities, hospitals, factories, malls, airports and companies must offer a level of security to their customers, users, employees, etc. And this security benefit can be delivered through our thermal solutions, which generate a filter and alarm on anyone who is above the normal temperature (37.5°C) avoiding possible infections. Second point, these cameras work as video surveillance protecting the safety of people. Third point, it has other functions like face detection, Perimeter protection and continuous detection of high temperatures on target bodies or objects.

As the world has seen it, China has been an example of overcoming the health crisis and in recent weeks it has become the hope for countries that are now the focus of the virus. That success is due to different components from cultural, government and business, among them the rapid technological installation for the detection of body temperature; For this reason, as a company present in Latin America and for our corporate social commitment, we have worked to publicize our experience and today we have managed to reach different private and public entities in countries such as Colombia., Panama, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Mexico.

I deeply believe that technology is the solution to many challenges and obstacles that we see every day in the world, and this technological solution that Dahua Technology developed and made available to the market at these critical times, is a clear example of this, That is why at Dahua we will always continue to innovate and offer the market the best technological solutions in electronic security and emerging market products that society may need..

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Martín Otazua, Marketing Manager Dahua Technology Latam.