Launching the theme “When the door opens”

When the door opens, It is a composition of the Panamanian Kemmy Almengor. The theme brings together a group of friends, musicians, international artists, that from their homes, they contributed their talent for a common purpose: carry a message of strength, positivism and opportunity in the face of the pandemic we are experiencing.

When the door opens, it invites us to value the opportunity we have as a world to contribute to those around us., with the planet and to be the best version of each one.

The pandemic came to strengthen us and make us understand that we are not separate countries, we are one world and that by giving each one the best of ourselves we will have a better place to live.

Under the production of Tete Olivella, photography by Gray Díaz and artists of the stature of the Puerto Rican salsa singer Giro López, Miami-based Costa Rican producer Luigi Flores, and Panamanians Any Tovar, Leo Almengor, Emilio Regueira, Álvaro Regueira, Me Abadi, Adán Rodríguez and the young talents André Regueira, Melanie Martínez and Ana Laura Olivella made this song a breath of fresh air for all of us who listen to it from our homes.

When the door opens, look inside the human being.