The Electronic University, the future of higher education

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

As a result of the global emergency that we live in this 2020, the virtual modality has gained great strength in different areas, and education is one of them.

Platforms such as Cibersity "Electronic Records" has been conceived with the idea that all the management carried out in universities is carried out through electronic procedures in which the use of paper documents is not necessary., guaranteeing the security and legal validity of its procedures.

Cibersity "Electronic Records" not only eliminates the use of paper documentation to achieve the evidentiary effects of the documentation provided or generated by students, teachers, administrative staff and managers of university institutions, Instead, it does so using the most advanced cryptographic techniques in terms of information security., electronic signature.

The Metropolitan University of Education, Science and Technology (UMECIT) from Panama, has been the pioneer in the region, using this very supportive tool, especially at this time of pandemic.

"The use of Cibersity in UMECIT arises from an alliance that today allows us to provide a high-level education that has contributed to staying active without any type of deficiencies for our students", Santiago Nieto points out, Project Director of the institution.

The documents incorporated or generated by Cibersity are electronically signed in PAdEs format (Advanced PDF), so they can be used or archived for decades, so that, anytime in the future, despite technological advances, it will be possible to validate a document.

Cibersity covers all management areas, the academic and financial life of the university, so the institution does not need to feed data or maintain software applications such as excel sheets, file managers, scanning applications, word documents and templates, complex or expensive processes for preparing diplomas, accreditations, transcripts or various applications.

All this is managed in a uniform way with Cibersity, no need for third party software, external applications or add-on modules that require licenses, maintenance costs with each supplier, integration difficulties and hours of administrative work that do not add value to the university.

“One of the most important advantages in the medium and long term is the increase in the prestige that the university acquires, thanks to the image of security and legal certainty that it projects ", affirms Mauricio Sierra, Academic Director of the UMECIT.

For example, With this application any doubt that may exist about the validity of a student attendance data is eliminated, of teaching by a teacher, of students' grades in all assessments, of the presentation of work by students, of the exact dates on which each and every one of the tasks were performed with information on who performed them.

"All this is due to the use of the electronic signature in each of the processes and actions that are executed, so a ‘hacker’ may in no case alter the content of the electronic records of the system and go unnoticed ", assures the Director of Projects of UMECIT, Santiago Nieto.

For the student, Cibersity is your online academic electronic record of everything you have attended college, organized by races, postgraduate, graduates or courses. Your academic and financial record is available from the moment you make the application for enrollment, obtaining access to all the documentation presented, the classes received, the grades obtained and the payments made.

For teachers, it is the platform through which they interact with the university to execute the electronic contracting process, comply with the established academic procedure, determination of grades and attendance record with electronic signature, among others. And for the administrative staff, it is the medium where all the operational processes of the institution are executed.

Definitely, technology is here to stay and to make all university processes more efficient, in this case without the need for it to be in person.