The European Union history and elect a woman president

Photos: @vonderleyen
By Dennis Aguillón

After three meetings, heads of state (EU) They managed to reach a consensus and elected German Ursula von der Leyen to preside over the European Commission (THIS), the executive body of the eurocomunidad, becoming the first woman to assume high office.

Who is Ursula von der Leyen?

He was born 8 October 1958 in Ixelles (Brussels), He grew up in Belgium and was there where he learned German, French and English. His father was a German major politician of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

He completed his university studies in Germany. It is affiliated with the CDU since 1990. In 2013 He was elected Minister of Defense, She is the first woman in history to hold this position Germany.

Photos: @vonderleyen

In his first speech as president he was emphatic in saying that work heavily on three major issues: climate change, violence against women and Brexit, in the latter he was fully prepared to approve a new extension for the departure of the United Kingdom of the European Union if the country needs, and he did not hesitate to say that EU doors will always be open late if the Brexit is revoked.

After a close vote, He called to work for a Europe of solidarity, united and strong. Von der Leyen Ursula takes office, that lasts 5 years, next November 1.