Earth Canal celebrates its electoral elections

Independent candidate Ricardo Lombana on arrival at a polling station.
Por Parekh I Helaman

Election day began early in the Canal Capital. The seven presidential candidates previously shared their agendas, They are including breakfast with his family, Speaking to media, Mass attendance for the candidate for independent candidacies, In the main Matilde Gómez, for example, among other activities.

At the College De La Salle, one of the five largest voting centers in Panama City, where they are enabled over 15,300 voters, It came at about 9:00 a.m. the deputy and independent candidate today, In the main Matilde Gómez.

In the main Matilde Gómez, Free presidiencial candidate nomination.

He also came at about 9:30 a.m. Guillermo Marquez Amado, vice presidential candidate payroll nomination of Ricardo Lombana Free.

The candidate also Lombana arrived at La Salle, where to cheers and selfies, He recalled his school time at his alma mater.

One particular incident occurred to the arrival of the candidate Gómez to your table, the number 3153. Just outside the classroom, He realized he had left the ballot in the car. She called her husband to bring her that, and in less than 6 minutes, He entered the enclosure and voted.

Lombana arrival candidate was undoubtedly the most allegorical. Applause and shouts of his supporters accompanied him throughout the tour.

Roberto “Stone hand” Duran reaches its polling.

Another personality who voted in this center, It was the iconic Panamanian boxer, Roberto "Mano de Piedra" Durán, who made a special authorization from the Electoral Tribunal, because he had lost his identity card. He voted knees, because I not brought her glasses. Upon his release, with playfulness that characterizes, He confirmed the facts, who had already advanced one of his sons who accompanied him to the polling station.

Before and during the elections, Panamanians show their enthusiasm with activities that reflect the characteristics of a lively village.