"La Selecta" begins its way into Gold Cup with narrow win

Photo: @laselecta_slv
By Dennis Aguillón

El Salvador began its participation in Gold Cup, integrating the "C" group, which also include Jamaica, Curacao and Honduras. His first match was against Curacao, who won 1 a 0.

In the first minutes, Selecta struggled to dominate the court, taking advantage of the mistakes of the Caribbean team, but as time it went lost prominence, while Curacao began to build confidence to attack.

The Salvadoran team did not look very strong, but fail behind Curacao defined marker halftime, when Oscar Ceren sent a deep pass to Nelson Bonilla exploited the mistake of the defense and sent the ball into the back of the net.

For the second half of the match, actions developed in the same manner, there were not many scoring opportunities for both teams. But nevertheless, El Salvador was the most dangerous team on the field. Nelson Bonilla and Juan Carlos Portillo had two clear scoring chances, but Eloy Room was very strong, preventing the ball enter his bow.

Technical director of El Salvador, Carlos de los Cobos, He had the task of breaking a streak 10 years without winning on debut, And so it happened, although it was not the best game of the Salvadoran side, They managed be the first 3 points.