La Selecta de Playa resumes training

Photos: Courtesy INDES.
By Yaneth Estrada

With a focus on physical reconditioning, The Beach Soccer Team is in its fourth week of preparation for the April World Cup that will award two places for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Russia 2021, scheduled from 19 al 29 of August.

“We join this microcycle 2021 and we're already on track, where should we be, to make things right for, God first, grab a ticket to the Russia World Cup”, said Rudis Gallo, technical director of the national team.

The practice of the selected ones began on Tuesday afternoon and both yesterday and today it takes place in double shift, to culminate with a session on Friday, after which the players will return to their homes and perform again next week.

"We are practically reactivating, in the adaptation phase in the muscular part, let the boys come in good shape, we are doing physical tests for next week to resume work at a 50 O 60 percent", explained the coach.

According to Gallo, the players were in good physical shape, which means that in this time they have not had face-to-face activity, they followed the guidelines they were given through a digital platform.

Photos: Courtesy INDES.

"The atmosphere is very positive, because we know that being here at the Pacific Paradise hotel, which is like our second home, we are very comfortable, and we take the opportunity to work two and a half hours each shift. The group is motivated, more if we add the support that INDES is giving, with the honorary president Yamil Bukele, and the Fesfut that also does its part ", said Rooster.

Both the players of the Selecta Playera and their coaching staff have their sports stimuli up to date, which are delivered monthly by the National Institute of Sports of El Salvador (INDES).

At the moment Concacaf has not defined the venue for the World Cup, in which El Salvador will seek its right to be present in Russia, in what would be his fifth appearance after missing the last three world tournaments.

"We have the date from 12 al 18 of April, but we don't know the place. Could be in mexico, Bahamas, in the same El Salvador, that already practically corresponds to the administrative part ", he explained.

Photos: Courtesy INDES.

Currently El Salvador is in the position 20 of the beach soccer world ranking, with 582 points, and occupies the third position of the Concacaf, behind Mexico, what is first with 1,041, and United States, second with 718.

Goalkeepers: Eliodoro Portillo, Erick Nájera and José Martínez.
Closing: Melvin quinteros, Heber Ramos and Pedro Martínez.
Ala: Elmer robles, Darwin Ramirez, Oscar Cruz, Axel Ramírez and Emerson Cerna.
Pivot: Agustin Ruiz, Ruben Batres, Exon Perdomo, Francisco Velasquez, Melvin segovia, Andrés Osorio and Jasson Urbina.

Photos: Courtesy INDES.