Beach Soccer Selecta qualifies for the World Cup Russia 2021

Frank Velásquez. Photo: Courtesy CONCACAF.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

El Salvador Beach Team beats Trinidad and Tobago 9-2 in the quarterfinals of the Concacaf Beach Soccer World Cup, they only need to defeat Guatemala, to qualify directly to the World Cup Russia 2021.

In the first period against Trinidad and Tobago, the select came out concentrated defending their territory, and his objective was to get the goals to get closer to the classification, and so it was Eliodoro Portillo, who with free kick, managed to score and put El Salvador ahead, while Exón Perdono was in charge of scoring the second Salvadoran goal.

The cuscatleca happiness did not last long, since Trinidadian Kevon Woodley, discounted with a penalty kick, the annotation worried the nationals, but they managed to keep calm and the advantage to go to rest 2-1.

Frank Velásquez. Photo: Courtesy CONCACAF.

But nevertheless, in the second period, the Salvadoran Rubén Batres was in charge of increasing the advantage in the first exchange, then, Jesse Bailey scored on his own goal and left the lead 4-1 to El Salvador.

At the beginning of the third period, Salvadorans entered more connected and that generated better passes to increase the amount of annotations. First Rubén Batres was present and then Frank Velásquez joined to put the results 6-1.

Instead the Trinidadians, scored the second goal through Omri Baird, This gave more encouragement to the Salvadorans so that they achieved two more goals through Frank Velásquez and one more from Rubén Batres and be sponsored with the victory with a series of goals from 9-2.

Photo: Courtesy CONCACAF.

On the other hand, coach Rudis González Gallo stated that: "In the tactical part you have to improve some elements and talk with the players to strengthen the psychological part, since it is important to stay focused on the most important match and in which we play the ticket to the World Cup. We trust in God and in the work of the boys so that we can get a ticket to the World Cup ", This was detailed by the sports technician.

At the end of the sports meeting, the beach player Exón Perdomo expressed: "Very motivated and happy for today's win. It gives us more encouragement for tomorrow's game that we will have to win to qualify for the World Cup. The group is motivated, We come for the ticket and first God will give himself to us ", he said so when he won the victory.

El Salvador is in the first place of group B, coach Rudis González Gallo has managed to keep the team in the group stage with the highest goal score, that is to say 3 games played, three wins and with the highest scoring of goals, against the Dominican Republic (15-1), with Guatemala (7-1) and Bahamas (7-2).