3 December, 2022

Food security is at a critical moment, Governments must take crucial steps to reduce the impact

In this meeting more than 100 Member States of the United Nations have endorsed the Call to Action of the Roadmap for World Food Security.

By Luis Alberto López

World – Rulers of various countries of the world, expressed their commitment to act urgently, on a large scale and in concert to respond to the immediate food security and nutrition needs of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

This was declared in a meeting last 20 September officials of the governments of Spain, United States of America, the african union, the European Union, Colombia, Germany, Indonesian and Nigerian.

In this meeting more than 100 Member States of the United Nations have endorsed the Call to Action of the Roadmap for World Food Security.

Speech by President Gustavo Petro at the World Summit on Food Security

“Many are already acting on those commitments. These measures are crucial because the current crisis is not the kind that any one country or even group of countries can overcome on its own.. And that's why we're here today. The work ahead of us is clear.". Expressed the Secretary of State of the United States Antony J. Blinken, at Summit on World Food Security.

Recognize that food systems and global food security are at a critical juncture. The combined consequences of a global pandemic, the growing pressures generated by the climate crisis, high energy and fertilizer prices, and persistent conflicts, including the most recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia, have disrupted production and supply chains and dramatically increased global food insecurity, particularly for the most vulnerable.

WFP/Mahmoud Fadel Distribution of wheat flour to vulnerable families in Abyan, Yemen.

At the beginning of the year 2022, these problems had already led to more than 190 million people to a situation of food insecurity. According to the World Food Program, and the war between Russia and Ukraine could add 70 million more people than that figure, an already shocking number that becomes even more alarming.

In the joint statement there were commitments such as: Highlight the need to act urgently, in a sustained and coordinated manner, to meet the goals of the Food Systems Summit in 2021, and to address immediate humanitarian needs and build more resilient agricultural and food systems from these seven specific areas of action.

FAO/Atul Loke Women workers examine seeds at a market in Mumbai, India.

Make additional new financial donations to key humanitarian organizations to enable an increase in the provision of immediate life-saving humanitarian assistance, whenever possible;

To make a toast, as possible and necessary, in-kind donations and cover costs associated with key humanitarian organizations in relation to the transportation and distribution of staple foods based on needs as assessed by the governments of affected countries or humanitarian organizations;

Keep food markets open, fertilizers and agricultural products and avoid unjustified restrictive measures, such as food and fertilizer export bans, that generate greater market volatility and put food security and nutrition at a global level.

FAO/Danfung Dennis Wheat prices fell in July following Black Sea grain export deal.

Support increased fertilizer production, as possible and necessary, to compensate for any shortage, accelerate and scale up fertilizer innovations, contribute to its commercial promotion and favor methods that maximize the effectiveness of fertilizers.

Secretary Blinken highlighted the contribution of the United States to the World Food Program managed by the United Nations and committed more resources in the coming years.

“We need to get emergency aid to people who need it. Since February, The United States has contributed more than USD 6.100 million in humanitarian assistance and USD 2.300 million in development assistance to combat hunger and strengthen food security..

“In the next five years, The United States will work with Congress to invest more than USD 11.000 million around the world for the purpose of reaching that goal of sustainable agricultural production.”. Reitero Antony Blinking.