The second Mexican revolution is feminist

By Lauri Cristina García Dueñas

Mexico is going through a unique moment in its history because in the 32 States of the republic, on broadcast television, in social networks and in everyday conversations the recurrent theme is one: feminism.

This American country tops the international statistics femicide, just in the 2018, They were committed 86 murder of minors according Gobernacion. The Executive Secretariat of the National Public Safety System (SNSP) he recorded 2560 femicide in the last three years.

Feminist demonstrations began last 12 August 2019 for the case of a minor 17 years four policemen who accused of raping her in Azcapotzalco, Mexico City, the 3 of August, which he sparked outrage from women's organizations who for years have seen increasing cases of femicide, rape and harassment. Hashtags used were, against police: #nomecuidanmeviolan and #ami mecuidanmisamigasnolapolicia.

In Mexico, there's a 99.3 of impunity for all crimes, according to a report 2019 University of the Americas Puebla.

The manifestation of 12 August was against the buildings of the Ministry of Public Safety (SSC) and the Attorney General (PGJ) From the capital. Images of Jesus Orta, Secretary of Public Safety, full of purple glitter, and girls are breaking windows and furniture hooded entity, They have been around the world, as well as several painted monuments throughout the country.

In the first moment, the Head of Government of the capital, Claudia Sheinbaum, He said such acts were a provocation "which for any reason we will fall". Although in recent days, the official has met with some women's organizations, but others, more autonomous, They have refused to meet with someone who branded a provocative and have gathered in the historic neighborhood of Tlatelolco this 21 of August.

Although it has been asked to enact the alarm Gender in the capital; the official said, It is 21 of August, which will favor action to prevent violence against women and condemned the harassment and threats received by the women who participated in the demonstrations 12 August in the capital and 16 August nationwide.

women members of feminist groups are instructors of the police of the Ministry of Public Safety (SSC) "To improve its sensitivity and its capacity to manage towards women", Secretary Jesus Orta Martinez reported 18 of August.

Attorney Justice, Ernestina Godoy, He reported that 11 police of the Secretariat of Public Safety (SSC) They have been accused of rape since December 2018 To the date. The official gave these figures for the "Dialogues absolute zero impunity and justice for women and girls victims of violence," the 14 of August.

Social networks have turned into debates between feminists and conservatives and has reached the point of hate speech, as found in the bathrooms of the Faculty of Engineering of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (ONE) violating feminists who call and say that engineering studies are only for men.

Mexican poet Karina Sanchez Vergara said, disqualifications against the movement: "It's time to close ears, doors and windows and turning to look at us and embrace between us, because it is us who have.

It is time to dedicate ourselves to caress, to cleanse wounds, to lick each other and have strong, lists, brave and sisters that we have been these days and in these battles. A fight rejoice together.

Must regain strength, already tomorrow we will have to find and invent other violets spells ".

The Mexican Revolution began 20 November 1910 Y, now, the international media have been quick to qualify all this social effervescence as "the Mexican feminist revolution". Feminist groups demanding an end to all forms of violence against women and the right to abortion safely, legal and free nationwide.