The new blood of Salvadoran athletics will be present in Cali, Colombia

Selected Salvadorans will participate in the I Cali-Valle Junior Pan American Games 2021. Courtesy photo.

By Voice of the Diaspora

With the aim of demonstrating their high competitive level and trying to excel in their respective tests, Salvadoran athletes Esteban Ibáñez, Carlos Santos and Isabela González prepare their suitcases to travel to Colombia and participate in the I Cali-Valle Junior Pan American Games 2021.

Esteban Ibáñez, of 20 years old and aviation student, comes from a sporty family, as, at 2011, he and his four brothers were taken by their mother to the Jorge stadium “The magic” González to get involved in some sport and now, 10 years later, is on the verge of participating in the youth Pan-American fair.

"Since the beginning of the year I have been watching the ranking, because we classify by position and only the first 16 from America. Now, thanks to the work we have done with my coach Sandra Valiente, I can confirm that I will be in the games ", said Ibáñez who will compete in decathlon.

Salvadoran athletes heading to the I Cali-Valle Junior Pan American Games 2021 (Photo Courtesy INDES).

In the same line, the athlete confirmed that he remains in constant training, since it has been set as a goal to improve their personal brands and reach 7,000 points.

Carlos Santos, Meanwhile, is an athlete born in the United States, but the son of Salvadoran parents and that is why he decided to represent blue and white. He is currently finishing his degree as a Spanish Teacher at Stony Brook University in New York..

Yes indeed, even though Santos wanted to represent El Salvador headquarters 2014, went up 2019, who managed to contact the Salvadoran Athletics Federation thanks to George Erazo, another athlete born in the United States and competing under the Salvadoran flag.

Carlos will compete in the Pan American Games in the test 3,000 meters obstacles, in which he holds the national record with a mark of 9.00.00s.

"I'm going to do my best. When I'm in the competition I focus on myself, I do not notice if the others come out slow or fast, I am focused on competing, give a medal to El Salvador and put his name on high, since it has always been my dream since I was little ", revealed Santos.

The case of Isabela González, who has 16 years and is one of the youngest of the Salvadoran delegation, it is very particular; as, with just three years of practicing athletics, set national record in high jump with a record of 1.74 m; during the Greater Central American Championship, held in Costa Rica.

But nevertheless, despite its good result, due to age, Isabela had been left out of the continental fair, for which the Salvadoran Athletics Federation requested a universality place.

“For me it is something too incredible and I can't stop thanking God, because it is the first edition, They are not just any games and I have the opportunity, even though she's little, to represent El Salvador ", expressed the athlete who plans to improve her marks, although he does not rule out going for a medal.

Meanwhile, Carlos Clemente, general secretary of the Fedeathletics, said the projections are encouraging, since athletes have good marks.

“We have options for a medal and for breaking national records in the Pan American Games., we are positive with the results they can obtain ", Clemente expressed.