Salvadoran Evelyn Garcia is ready for the next cycling competitions

By Anayansi Rivas

In 2015 Salvadoran cyclist, Evelyn Garcia, He left the country for personal reasons, but this has not prevented her to continue practicing the sport that you are passionate about: cycling.

From Spain, the cyclist, one of the most outstanding athletes in recent years in El Salvador, spoke with Voice of the Diaspora about her plans and the upcoming competitions that will make her return to her homeland.

Reaching the professional level in your discipline has not been easy, in 2008 had a herniated disc that took her to the operating room. Evelyn has participated in many international competitions and in many of these she has won gold.

The Salvadoran has achieved in the Toronto Pan American Games 2015 the first place; third place, Bronze medal, in the Pan American Cycling Medellín, Colombia 2011; second place, Silver Medal and Road Test, Return to El Salvador 2012; and second place in the Pan American Games, Guadalajara 2011 Mexico, among others.

In a pleasant conversation, the athlete told us about her daughters, his triumphs and his plans. Next the interview:

When did you feel the desire to compete in cycling and how did you discover your interest in this sport?
The athlete smiles and responds: The truth, it was thanks to my uncle Mario Contreras, that I fell in love with cycling. It was on a vacation from school, that I went to his house and he took me to his cycling school which was located in the Oscar Quiteño stadium in Santa Ana.

Thanks to him, that every morning came for me (4:30 a.m.) and he accompanied me to the El Palmar ring to train approximately 2 hours, later that night we did another physical preparation in the stadium and he was going to drop me off at my house around 9 of the night, this was from monday to friday.

Have you received financial support from an organization to participate in this sport?

Yes, of the Olympic Committee of El Salvador and the official sponsor General Electric, they have supported us and in the 2020 we will have the support of the Sports Institute of El Salvador.

Are you still cycling?

Yes, Right now we have a work plan with the Institute of Sports of El Salvador, and we are preparing for the Central American Games to be held in El Salvador in the 2021, prior to that, we will hold Cycling Championships in 2020 Y 2021.

Do you plan to continue representing El Salvador in sports cycling?


When is your next competition?

Our goal is with the Central American games Santa Tecla 2021 and to be able to carry out this Olympic cycle in the best way, Now the sport in our country has the support of the government to 100%, with which we hope to be able to bring more joys to our country, as we have been doing in all these years.

Would you like your daughters to play sports? Someone in particular?

Our daughters for now practice ballet, and basketball, we love that you like sports, that they are always part of your lifestyle, We will try to support them in whatever they feel comfortable and passionate about.

Could you tell us a little about your husband?

Of course, with my husband we became boyfriends in the year 2004, he was in his third year at the university in Medicine, I continued traveling for my events and he graduated as a doctor in the year 2009.

Then, He emigrated to Spain and now practices his profession in a private Family Doctor hospital, in Jaén, Spain, and in the 2015 I emigrated with my daughters from the country, he has always been my support and endorsement to practice my profession.

For what reason did he emigrate?
For my husband's work.

Are you planning to return to El Salvador?

I'm really always traveling, since the year 2000 that I live more outside than inside El Salvador, but I still have my house in Santa Ana, for the moment we are here, Diosito is guiding us along the way, we adore our country, but now for my husband's work, we are in these lands, thus concluded the interview with the Salvadoran cyclist.