27 September, 2022

while the United States and its NATO allies

Queen Elizabeth II suspends her activities for testing positive for Covid-19. Photo: Courtesy.
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England – met on Tuesday as part of a strategy between the two countries to strengthen diplomatic and commercial ties between the.

At Buckingham Palace it was reported that the monarch Elizabeth has canceled her virtual commitments scheduled for this Tuesday due to the fact that she presents some mild symptoms of coronavirus., so take a break.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. Photo: Courtesy.

Note that the sovereign has 95 years and the symptoms you have presented are similar to those of a cold,  Queen Elizabeth tested positive for Covid-19 on Sunday, days after your child, Queen Elizabeth II of England tested positive for covid-19, confirmed that he was infected for the second time and his wife Camila are isolated to prevent the spread and that their recovery is successful.

So Queen Elizabeth said she will continue with some simple assignments from her schedule., since there are only a few days left to celebrate the 70 anniversary of his reign. Her state of health raises concern because in October she was admitted for one night to a care center and the details are unknown..

Photo: Courtesy.

Queen Elizabeth will fulfill 96 years in April and the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine was applied, which causes him to present mild symptoms and it is expected that he will not have major complications due to his advanced age.

This is how the contagion of Queen Elizabeth occurs at a time when the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson announced that this Thursday he will end the restrictions derived from the coronavirus pandemic and lower the restrictions.

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After being a pandemic, those infected now become a disease and will no longer be forced to isolate themselves., masks are no longer required, nor the presentation of the sanitary pass in closed spaces. The controversial decision has generated disagreement among residents who are not satisfied with the new initiative.

according to records, more than 85% of the British population have completed their vaccination schedule and more than 50% already received the third dose or booster vaccine. Infections have dropped drastically in recent weeks and the Omicron variant has become the one with the greatest presence but with mild symptoms.