Concern over debts can cause mental health disorders, says psychologist Melvin Navarro

By Lucia Erazo

Every time, Latino seek psychological help because of financial problems. Debts have become the second of the three leading causes of marital and family crises have attended clinical psychologist, Melvin Navarro.

Navarro 42 years, a native of San Salvador, The Savior, who from 1999 He resides in California and has practiced psychology for more than two decades, He explains that "differences in financial habits and debts cause great emotional impact on couples, which affects communication and intimacy ".

Families with minimum wage, They are also affected, since to deal with debt opt ​​for two or more jobs, which results in the lack of time to care for children and little contact between the couple by differences in schedules, emphasizes the psychologist.

according to Navarro, one of the main factors of vulnerability in the economic issue for the migrant population, is the little knowledge of the US financial system, so they tend to build up a credit record that generates them "a false economic status" is not in line with real income.

In addition to the lack of liquidity, Studies show that concerns about debt causes psychological consequences, among which are the breakdown of families, depression, anxiety and difficulty sleeping, among other.

According to a study published in the Journal of European Public Health, there is a direct relationship between debt and mental health disorders. "Adults indebted are three times more likely to have a common mental disorder than adults without debts", show the results of research.

Before this panorama, Navarro recommends several actions to prevent or treat psychological conditions associated financial mismanagement, including taking control of the situation by seeking legal advice, develop a family budget, make a behavioral change that allows prioritize the satisfaction of needs and not desires.

In a nutshell, recommends making a thorough exercise, wherein each individual scan far can engage financially, not suffer consequences that can affect the rest of your life.