17 August, 2022

Poetry in times of coronavirus

Jandres, JS, Lombardy, Italy

Quitting writing is unthinkable,as it is to stop loving, love in times of the Covin-19, love in moments when we see our children more time, forced to homebound.

Humans think we are more important than other species, make mistakes, make mistakes…!

Poetry in times of coronavirus, it's bittersweet poetry, of concern and precautions, of suspicions against the powerful of the world, in solidarity with the sick and the masses who have lost their jobs this is, what i live, I feel and express, perhaps banal for those who read it within 20 years, even, it may be the beginning of a long road of agony and desolation on this planet.

I do not know.
For the thousands that we continue working, that we leave home every morning, we carry my gaze into the sunset, the truth is, that the coronavirus is changing our lives, it opens our eyes and we value the family even more, the family that is next to us and the one that is far away…

What a human tragedy in which love is the basis of everything, the fear of losing a loved one, the economy hit, battered health and sadly written poetry in this age of Covid-19.

After this madness, the world will not be the same and each one will reinvent himself a reason to stay alive !!

This will go down in history, hoping that the world-dominating elites no longer do stupid things to destroy life to reorganize their market…!!