The Korean peninsula is moving towards reunification

Photo: Ministry of Lands, Infrastructure and Transport of Korea.
By Rocío Rivas

In recounting the events of 2018, we find a fact that marked history. The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, and the president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, They pledged to work towards complete denuclearization of the peninsula in April.

Since then, both governments have sought permanent end to the Korean War, which he was suspended in 1953 with an armistice.

starting the 2019, We wanted to know the expectations of the young Koreans on the new stage who are living: the end of 65 years of hostilities and political tension.

For it, We visited the Institute of Education in Construction EDUCON, located in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

Here, are graduates of undergraduate or post graduate, who seek to increase their multicultural knowledge to start their working lives outside their home country, especially in Latin America.

Just select them for its perfect management Spanish, so they could better communicate with our readers, without any interpreter.

They jointly prepared this article, translating information and researching the subject for you, reader or reader, understand the significance of this international event from the point of view of their own affected.

Photo: Group of photojournalists (Photos joint chwijaedan) Ministry of Unification of the Republic of Korea 2019.

Train tracks: They close open wounds and hope

Last 26 from December, the two Koreas took a big step to start the railway works that will unite both nations. This inauguration was promoted in three inter-Korean summits. The first was a historic event in which Moon Jae-in, President of South Korea and Kim Jong-un, North Korean leader, held talks following the agenda "Peace, the new beginning ", It prompting the frozen relations between Seoul and Pyongyang melted.

"Because both Koreas remain a conciliatory tone, It is increasing interest among South Korean reunification ", Lina said Kim, who lived in Mexico during an exchange program.

Areum Yoo, He graduated in Political Science and Economics addressed the issue of the railway between the two Koreas. "There is advanced technology in South Korea and labor and natural resources in North Korea. If both cooperate, one might expect the economic synergy. And the railroad will signal the start ", he claimed.

"The South and the North will become a living area and are free to travel to Asia and continental Europe. Both, Korea will receive more attention and investment in the world, and it may develop as a center of commerce and transportation, becoming a developed country ", Kim shares Lucia, Spanish philology college student.

Adela Kim has extensive experience working with projects in South America. This gives you an overview of different topics. "It is true that development is forming different reconnecting the railroad between the two Koreas. But nevertheless, It needs to continue efforts not only in the economic sector, and military but also in the education sector ", he said.

South Korea, all healthy men, between eighteen to thirty-four years old, They are obliged to serve in the army for eighteen months. "Men will enjoy those months of his youth; instead of providing military service. During the service in the army, men should receive a leave of absence and miss their college semesters. further, although wages in the army has increased, still it is not enough for adequate compensation ", Alfonso added Kim, degree in philology and English literature.

Families separated by war, a debt to settle

"It's good to disappear the risk of war and improve the stability of the economy through policy. Actually, every time North Korea was a military provocation, the KOSPI (Composite Index STOCKS) He collapsed and this was an increase in the sale of shares of foreign investors ", said Vanessa Lee, Aeronautical student.

Despite all the economic benefits above, Lina Kim, He reminds his companions that reunification is essential from an economic and humanitarian perspective. "By achieving a single Korea, It could heal the deep pain of families separated by war. In fact, the South Korean government and the North Korean regime have overlooked this problem, that must be resolved urgently ", He said.

The young sociologist Kim Jiho, of 28 year old, shares this thought, because of their family history. "If they were assembled, they would feel in the clouds so much happiness. I have a grandmother who is separated from his brother, for he lived in the northern peninsula when war broke out. I hope someday can meet ", he said excitedly.

Distrust, a fruit of past hostilities

Some claim that reunification will be a new opportunity for youth, while others fear that with the process significant tax burden for South Koreans come. Even, there is a segment of the population that calls prudently monitor the process. "Although it is a phenomenon promoting peace in Korea, we should not let our guard down. Before there were such phenomena, but every time we had peace on the peninsula, North Korea attacked South Korea. For example, They carried out an attack while the World Cup was held 2002 and a fleet of bombing South Korea 2010. Thus, although we are in a very good time, We would have to be careful ", Hansol Hyeon said, International Trade Specialist.

For her sociologist Seyoumg Park, these attacks, with sudden changes in political attitudes and actions by the North Korean government, They have made many of his countrymen, have confidence.

Clara Kim also remains skeptical about the reunification process on the political issue. According to her, the marked difference between South Korea and North Korea, would be very difficult to avoid future conflicts. "It'll take a long time to reach a point of agreement on a unified policy. further, I fear that the leader of North Korea will never abandon its dictatorial stance ".

The education, Allied reunification

According Adela Kim, degree in Spanish and Business Administration, to achieve a successful reunification, it should provide education to South Koreans. "There are still many Koreans who have a negative outlook. If we reunified unprepared, there will be a culture shock, although we are one people, We need to start a strong education campaign ", he claimed.

Eom Seongyun, degree in Spanish Philology, also optimistic about reunification. "There are some people who see the reunification negatively. For me, It has many advantages, including solving the relations of the two countries and cooperate with research on Korean history. I think that reunification is not an option, It is the pathway, as it is indispensable for the Korean people ".

To conclude, Clara Kim says that regardless of the positive or negative comments, the fact is that the new atmosphere between South Korea and North Korea must make more progress toward peace. A fact that must be irreversible in history.

Thanks: Kim Sohyeo, Seongyun Eom, Kim Dayeon, Y Songyi Jiho Kim Kim.