The pandemic globalized higher education with the virtual modality

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

This moment of emergency has implied challenges for all sectors, including higher education. Following this scenario, the virtual modality has gained great strength and has allowed millions of students not only to continue with their educational programs, but also have access to universities that have their headquarters in other countries.

This is the case of the Metropolitan University of Education, UMECIT Science and Technology in Panama, that since its inception implemented some of its programs in virtual mode, They are already 16 years of experience in distance education.

"The university fulfilled 16 years in the service of education. From the authorization given by the Executive Decree 575 of the 21 July 2004, has never stopped contributing to the development of its regions, It currently has offices throughout the Republic of Panama, thus contributing to train professionals promoted by the Cyberhumanist curricular model, that today faces this world situation, always promoting quality education. But we also make our careers available to students from other countries. The world changed and education was globalized through digital platforms ", José Alberto Nieto says, Rector of UMECIT.

Education is very important to reactivate our economies and restart their growth, collaborating with the training of people of integrity, that from the ethical point of view they develop their life project in an equitable way, contributing to the challenges of a more democratic society.

"Now, students from different countries, especially from Latin America can count on our university to train in different disciplines, including health sciences, Economic and Administrative Sciences, Law and Forensic Sciences, Humanities and Education Sciences, Technology, Construction and Environment, and Nautical Sciences, each of them with updated and innovative programs ", notes Dr.. grandchild.

Being a pioneer in virtual education, UMECIT is applying its experience in this branch, enabling its six faculties and all its programs, so that their students work under the virtual modality, reaching a 86.7% of participation in more than 1,044 study groups, developing their classes on their e-learning educational platform and relying on technological tools such as adobe connect and hangouts meets.

Among the benefits for your graduate students, this year has provided free tuition for Master's Degrees.

Also in your administrative processes, UMECIT implements the Cibersity system "Electronic Records" by means of which all management is carried out through electronic procedures in which the use of paper documents is not necessary., guaranteeing security and legal validity.

Cibersity not only eliminates the use of paper documentation to obtain the evidentiary effects of the documents provided by students, teachers, administrative staff and managers of university institutions, Instead, it does so using the most advanced cryptographic techniques in terms of information security., electronic signature.

The Metropolitan University of Education, Science and Technology (UMECIT), has been the pioneer in the region, using this tool that has been very supportive especially at this time of pandemic.

Definitely, technology is here to stay and to make all university processes more efficient, but in addition to this, it has become a tool that offers the opportunity to obtain a university degree from prestigious universities in different countries, without the need for the student to be in person.