The new generation is opting for sites that generate safety and well-being

Maria Alejandra Icaza Paredes, architect and designer.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Taking into consideration the world scenario we live in, choosing our new home is a decision that has a strong component of seeking well-being.

For the architect and designer, Maria Alejandra Icaza Paredes, the new generation is opting for sites that also generate security, the well-being and the certainty that their new property will help them stay mentally and physically healthy.

His most recent experience has been participating in the launch of CËNTRIQO, the new Panama Pacifico project that will be officially presented, the next 11 February in a virtual event in which a unique space to live and work in an environment of complete well-being will be announced.

“I got to know the mixed development that is Panama Pacifico several years ago, a very promising green lung that offered the dream of living in a healthy sector with a high standard of living and all the comforts. Today I am very happy to participate in the launch of CËNTRIQO, in the heart of Panama Pacifico ", says the architect Icaza.

CËNTRIQO is the perfect place to live in Panama City with its large green areas and recreation areas that provide a balance between built space and nature.. There it is possible to adopt a calm rhythm of life, reducing the pressures and stress of the world we live in.

"Having shops, housing and cowork spaces, makes it a mixed development, and one of the most valuable themes of this type of development is that they allow one to live, work and play in the same industry. This eliminates the need to travel long distances and frees up more time to socialize with family and friends ", states.

The human scale with which the project has been designed and the consideration for public spaces, create a city that welcomes the resident, luring you to immerse yourself in it unlike cities where construction consumes everything, erasing traces of humanity.

In terms of housing, CËNTRIQO has developed versatile spaces that adapt to the resident's needs. Offers small studio apartments, perfect for singles or young couples and larger ones with several bedrooms to live comfortably as a family.

As an architect and designer, María Alejandra sees great potential in apartments of any size, since when distributed correctly there is enough space for everything. "It is important to adapt the spaces to the resident's needs and personalize them accordingly", emphasizes.

A strategy that he considers essential when designing an interior space is the subdivision of spaces to delimit areas for specific uses. This can be achieved in a number of ways, with the application of color on walls chosen intentionally, you can give an area privacy or create a focal point.

Area rugs are another very important element to consider when designing a space., so different sizes, colors, patterns or textures give a particular character to each area within the same space. "In studio apartments where the space is shared with all uses, it is fun to mix and match rugs that make the kitchen feel independent from the living room and in turn feel independent from the bedroom", he comments.

Another way to subdivide the space is with furniture that acts as partitions or grouping them around different rugs. Multifunctional furniture provides flexibility that is key, they allow spaces to be transformed according to the needs of a particular moment. And by choosing furniture that is lightweight or has wheels, it is possible to move them effortlessly to rearrange the areas in which the space was originally subdivided..

The best way to have an organized space is to get creative with storage solutions, either hiding it from view in closets or under furniture like the bed, or on the contrary, making the storage part of the decoration with aesthetic containers.

Accessories are important items, they are the perfect way to personalize the space. With them, a space can be given more dimension by introducing different textures and colors, creating visual interest, where the observer's eye is in constant movement discovering the different elements found in space.

Can be played with scales and transparency of objects. A funny example of this, It is creating compositions of elements such as vases and vases where some are made of glass of different colors, other ceramics and even wood. "I would dare to say that accessories are what give a space its character, making it its own", details.

Infinite possibilities and complete freedom are two of the characteristics that return to CËNTRIQO, the heart of Panama Pacifico, in the perfect place to live in Panama City. It is a mixed development, where to have a balanced rhythm of life to comfortably enjoy both indoor and outdoor spaces.

To participate in the virtual event that will be held through the Zoom platform, You can enter @panamapacifico's social networks.

For more information about the project you can access: and

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