The Mara Salvatrucha extorts different businesses in the United States and the FBI is after them

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) documented several Mara Salvatrucha cliques that are dedicated to extorting businesses in different regions of the United States, obtain money and finance illicit activities in the country and in El Salvador.

Extortions affect street vendors, brothels and businesses that do not have government authorization to operate, in addition to businesses made up of undocumented people. These types of charges are more frequent in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, where gang members use to extort people from jail, due to access to telephones and internet, despite the prohibitions in these detention centers.

Although the way gangs operate in the United States is more discreet, began to attract the attention of the US authorities, because their activities have already claimed several lives.

MS 13 in North America it is dedicated to drug trafficking, arms smuggling and human trafficking, but nevertheless, receives more money through extortion within the neighborhoods where it has a presence.

Gangs in Maryland

According to local Maryland media, six gang members visited two more than 50 times, demanding a percentage of your earnings. The gang members came to these illegal businesses more than twice a week and occurred between 2018 Y 2021, according to the records.

Those involved were arrested, These are members of the Weedams Locos Salvatrucha clique (WLS), their names are Bryan Torres, Hernan Yanes, Agustin Rivas, Brian Zelaya, Miguel Ramírez and Jorge Argueta. The case is processed in the District of Maryland of the United States Attorney.

Another case reported in Washington

Other members of the Mara Salvatrucha who operated in the metropolitan area were also prosecuted in Washington DC. The Department of Justice assures that they charged extortion to brothels, drug dealers and stores that did not have a license to operate and were dedicated to the sale of food, alcoholic beverages and cigars.

Gerandino Delgado Escobar, alias “Pumba”, was arrested for this case, evidence was presented that he and other gang members charged between 40 Y 50 dollars a week to businesses that delivered beers and 115 dollars per week to brothel owners in the Langley Park area.

Extortion in El Salvador

According to a study by Insight Crime and the Center for Latino and Latin American Studies at the American University, MS-13 would be collecting up to 45 million dollars each year in El Salvador. Meanwhile, the United States, the gang demands money from businesses known as "gray market", establishments with undocumented owners and threaten to report them to the Police.

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