26 November, 2022

The manipulation of the news in the written press

Ilustrative Photo.
By José Eduardo Cubías Colorado

"Chair Notes", the term “manipulation” should not be stigmatized in journalistic language, since it is part of the professional procedure of the journalist, nothing at odds with ethics.

Information is about valuing data, first,  to be considered newsworthy and if the documentation does not meet reporting standards, the note is not drafted.

Institutional communicators often send reports to the media classified as garbage, and this one goes to the wastebasket.

If the note sent has journalistic consistency and public interest, the editor proceeds to select and order the data according to the news structure, taking into account the editorial and informative policy and in certain cases the financial policy. This is part of the informative treatment of the data, equivalent to a manipulation of the news.

Lic. Jose Eduardo Cubías, professor of journalism. Photo: Courtesy.

After the story is written by the reporter or editor, to the section editor or the local editor, this is where the manipulation continues. The editor values ​​the note, edits it and recommends its respective publication, the note can be published with a prominent headline and with photographs, if it generates expectations and controversy, life can be prolonged by publishing a sequence of events for up to a week according to financial criteria, because it increases the circulation of the newspaper or television.

It should be noted that there is another kind of manipulation of the news: the biased, the malicious, maliciously to favor or harm a person, in which Ethics comes out superfluous, this is another type of manipulation very different from the professional.