The struggle for residency takes to the streets in the direction of Congress, activists announce

Tepesianos gathered in front of the Los Angeles mayor's office, California, disagreeing with the Supreme Court ruling. photo VD: Milagro Orellana.

Milagro Orellana / Maria T. Morales

The fight for permanent residence in the United States, has returned to the streets, after last week, the Supreme Court, resolved that persons protected under the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for its acronym in English, do not qualify for the Green Card, (Resident card).

"Let's fight, walk and urge in the halls of congress, Y (US) Lets organice, day after day in the streets until we win ", said Alexandra Morales, CARECEN Policy Manager, in Los Angeles, California.

video CEO: Milagro Orellana.

In front of a group of Tepesianos, who organized a vigil in the Area 15 US Capitol in Los Angeles, Morales assured that they will fight for a response from Congress, where is waiting for processing, a request for reform of immigration laws, presented by President Joe Biden, and that they could end the limbo of both Tepesians and dreamers.
While, Evelyn Hernandez, Coordinator of the National TPS Alliance in Los Angeles, qualified the Supreme Court ruling, as a block in front of the Tepesian community.

Faced with this new scenario, Hernández expressed that they will continue with the fight, especially because the 4 October, work permits for people covered by TPS will expire.
Through the Supreme Court- we will not achieve permanent residence. Y, it has been unfair, because many families are affected by this resolution, ”said Hernández.

video CEO: Milagro Orellana.

Entire families participated in the activity, Who, together with their US citizen children, they sued for a permanent residence.
Lizbeth zepeda, daughter of Tepesian parents, expressed being proud to support her parents, those he considered as fighters for an immigration reform that opens the way to permanent residence.

His parents, Orlando Zepeda and Lorena de Zepeda, they are convinced that "the last word is not said" - in reference to the last resolution of the Supreme Court- and that they will continue working to achieve permanent status.

video CEO: Milagro Orellana.

The Zepeda family, with two US citizen children, They are part of the more than 400 thousand people protected under TPS, coming from at least 12 countries. “If the government decided to give TPS to Haitian citizens, why not for Honduras, why not for El Salvador, why not stop, Sudan, Nepal and Nicaragua ", Ahilan Arulanantham asked, University of Los Angeles Lawyer / Professor of Law, California and pro-immigrant activist.

For the professor, the government must move from promise to action, and recalled that everyone must raise their voices to achieve justice.

video CEO: Milagro Orellana.

Call to union
Eduardo Sinay, is a day laborer who emigrated from Guatemala ago 32 years. Their case, like many, slept the sleep of the righteous on the desks of alleged fraud lawyers, as explained to Voice of the Diaspora.

Sinay showed some frustration considering that there are thousands of people with TPS, but they do not support the movement for an immigration solution.

Your situation, like thousands in the country, It is also uncertain as they do not have any document that supports their stay in this country.. He assured that after a refugee application case that was denied, gave up seeking legal status in the country.

Day laborers participated in a vigil in the city of Los Angeles, in search of a just immigration resolution. photo VD: Milagro Orellana.

Sinay, is one of hundreds of day laborers, who daily have no other way out, more than applying for a job, in corners of large corporations, hardware and building materials businesses.

With a notable feeling of frustration, he called on his compatriots to take to the streets and support a national movement that, for today he is heading to Congress.
"Only with many will we achieve a lot", considered the Guatemalan, At the same time, he denounced having been subjected to labor abuse and deception by immigration lawyers who promised him, but they never solved their situation.

Despite your situation, the Guatemalan citizen, thanked "the good luck of having good people from whom I have always had their support", so he stated.

video CEO: Milagro Orellana.