2 December, 2022

The importance of conciseness on social media

Photo: Courtesy.

By José Eduardo Cubías Colorado

Lecture notes on the style of writing concisely on digital platforms, it is the modality of daily living.

It should be noted that graduate journalists, conciseness is the style that predominates in the exercise of writing, but many have forgotten it and get loose with these monstrosities.

Over the years, bulky books, redundant, hyperbolic, with paragraph overload, they no longer work, according to reading habits in terms of people no longer have time to read, or if they do it is a machine read, they don't understand what they read, thus, they can't comment, and they go to emoticons or any other figure that does not say much more.

However conciseness is part of the news style, in the media they recommend the brevity of words to present the news, that does not mean that original material should be shortened, but compress the redundant phrases, this has an effect on social networks.

Nowadays, it can be observed that Facebook publications allow an easy and fast reading that contributes to the understanding of what is written, in such a way that they digest the contents.

Information is generally not enough, you have to interpret to understand, and this is where the illustrations are used as a complement to better explain the message.

It is necessary to clarify that five paragraphs of 60 characters pose the limits to develop a theme, with a concise style, the Spanish journalist Ignacio Ramonet warned at the end of the last century with the advent of digital technology in Social Communication about the new style, the innovation brought by social networks and the impact on the mass media.