The history of the lighthouse Belize

By Ericka Donis

Belice, the smallest country in Central America, commemorated each 9 March Day Baron Bliss, in honor of one of its greatest benefactors. But little is known about the amazing story of a man who spent the last years of his life on the high seas and who asked to be buried in a lighthouse..

Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss, known in Belize as “Baron Bliss”, was an english, engineer by profession, that he got rich in a short time and even got a title of baron of the kingdom of Portugal, by direct inheritance.

He was a guy who loved the sea. After suffering paralysis at the 42 years he put him in a wheelchair he decided to embark on his sailboat, the sea king, and set sail for the Caribbean, where he spent five years fishing in the Bahamas.

The story goes that it reached the coast of Belize in 1926, very sick due to something he had eaten on the journey. Since you embarked, he never set foot on dry land and liked to spend a long time looking at the shoreline from the deck of his sailboat.

While recovering from his illness on the high seas, came into contact with sailors and officers who came to visit him the months he was there sailing.

Shortly after his birthday 57, the doctors told him that he had become ill again and that he did not have much time left to live, so he called the authorities in Belize to the ship and told them about his fortune and his intention to leave something to the country.

After, established a fund $2,000,000 of dollars, who asked to be used to promote projects, among them, building a huge lighthouse, with the special request that it be in red and white.

That lighthouse, today, It is one of the most visited attractions in the country and is also, a monument that remembers his memory and his kindness to Belize, in which his mortal remains rest.

Baron Bliss liked the idea of ​​being buried near the sea in an obelisk or lighthouse and his wish was fulfilled. Because, every 9 of March, day he died, Belize is a national holiday and a regatta is held in his honor..