The history of the Argentine Choripán

photo VD: Kriscia Recinos.
For Recinos Kriscia

It is a classic. Street food par excellence, very easy to find, prepare it super fast and above all, it's very cheap. It is among the favorite dishes of Argentine and tourists visiting Argentina.

Infaltable in roasts, sports events, coupled and any massive concentration. A delicacy in only two ingredients: A sausage grilled Creole (70% beef and 30% Pork Meat) and a French bread.

The dressing is a taste of the diner, although it can not be neglected the classic chimichurri is made from parsley, pepper and oregano.


It is said that emerged in the mid choripán the fourteenth century, in the Argentine countryside, when gauchos included the protagonist of his celebrations.

The province of Cordoba is attributed his birth and from 2014, year after year in this region of the world is organized choripán, where is chosen which best represents the country.

It is among the ten favorite dishes of the Argentineans and it is estimated that the year is consumed in the country 600 million choripanes.

If you come to Argentina you can not miss to taste this dish.

photo VD: Kriscia Recinos.
photo VD: Kriscia Recinos.
photo VD: Kriscia Recinos.