History comes alive in South Korea

By Rocío Rivas

Remember the lessons of national history in schools and colleges, memorizing dates and learning about events that the student had never attended?

South Korea, In addition to teaching the history of this form, have designed a way to "time travel" so that all who wish, They can attend historical events; usually the Joseon Dynasty occurred in, a kingdom that lasted about five centuries and was replaced by the Korean empire 1897.

These events are coronations, traditional weddings, changing guard at the gate Gwanghwamun and Gyeongbokgung Palace entrance, where the King addressed the nation.

The historic event recently represented, It was observed in Seoul Square, against the mayor of the Korean capital.

In this opportunity, everything was ready for the ceremony called: "Gwanmujae" or change of royal guards.

Representation in the examination reveled that aspiring to join the royal guard carried before the king Sejeon.

Two groups of martial artists were summoned to perform a competition in archery disciplines, Korean Japanese sword and sword-shaped moon (woldo), among others.

further, to complete this "time travel", the public could dress in period costumes, known as "Hanbok" and other military-type.