The beaten middle class

By Dra. Margarita Mendoza-Burgos, psychiatrist and psychologist

If the middle class had already been reeling before the coronavirus pandemic, this global crisis is on the way to making it its most vulnerable protagonist, with lethal consequences in every way.

Middle class, the most active of all social strata, has always been the one that sustains the economy, the values ​​and activities of the countries. The rich (upper class), for the power they wield, they can avoid many actions that they do not want to happen to them. And the poor (lower class) they are not in a position to give neither in capacity nor in desire, because culture has given them a role to live from the protectionism of the State, that somehow uses this class to generate movements in favor of the state or organizations that depend on the state in some way. In other words, the middle class plays a vital role. For example, cares about controlling the number of dependents per household, that is, you use more family planning services.

Low class, except for exceptions, has no control of births, either due to lack of resources, machismo and little sense of responsibility towards their progeny. This, especially, seen in males or parental couples. In fact, to speak of a parental couple in the less favored classes is utopian, since we usually see the single mother who is pregnant by different partners, mothers having an incessant search for a man to stay at home, something difficult, since they are usually birds of passage that leave children scattered everywhere.

The State should encourage family planning methods and especially the change of cultural thinking of those who think that a man in their life is basic, no matter how irresponsible. The man's thought still prevails that he must leave a trace that he was there by impregnating women. That can only be eradicated with education, and many times it is what people from this social stratum have the least access to. But that is just one aspect that involves the risk that millions of middle class people end up losing their status to fall into the lowest tier..

Nothing could be further from that phrase that Aristotle immortalized and that said that “the most perfect political community is one in which the middle class is in control, and outnumbers the other classes ". When looking for factors in the decline of the middle class, look up. Without a doubt, the great responsible is the ruling and wealthy class, that has become more and more ambitious. They prepare their children to be executives - especially to watch- of their companies while having really trained people in their charge and who receive very low and discouraging salaries. Likewise, in addition to the work of religions, includes the weight of power groups that promote indiscriminate population growth simply to have a larger economic workforce, although later some end up being lazy or criminal.

At present, many of them end up affiliated with gangs, that they are highly organized power groups that are hurting the working class even more. Although we could locate it in Latin America, this middle class crisis is global, happens in japan, in United States, a Europe… Just look at the numbers in the statistics to realize. further, reflected in highly visible facts.

Young people can no longer be independent and continue to live with their parents, more and more it is necessary that both members of the couple work and even so the salaries are not enough. Y, Unfortunately, there is the indebtedness of the middle class, who lives with credit cards at the top, in many cases to live a life “of illusion ". They have everything unpaid and probably garnished - in case they can't pay something- because the consumer society itself pushes them to buy things that they have sold us as essential, from next-generation phones to mega-screens, and that obviously they are not. If to that is added the large increase in unemployment caused by the pandemic and the looming recession, The prospect is not encouraging.

Dying as it is, the middle class will only be able to resist this crisis with the help of the powerful and the awakening of the education of the most vulnerable classes. It is a long-term job, in the middle of so many urgencies, that will allow us to have more conscious citizens. They need to contribute their capabilities and human wealth not only to integrate control groups such as the Police, the army, but groups of proactive people who change the culture of their strata and stimulate the growth of the middle class in the disadvantaged through having fewer and better prepared children, through savings and the desire to achieve better returns. A disappearing middle class suits no one, but this is something that the rulers or the powerful do not consider, much less the less privileged classes. Maybe when they do, it's too late. Who will sustain the economies? Who will pay taxes? Who will send their children to university to serve later in the different daily activities of the countries? The social balance is about to be broken, if not that it already broke.