3 February, 2023

Creativity flourishes amid pandemic

By Deysi Dominguez

The quarantine phase has made it clear that for an artist, the limit and the barriers do not exist. We see in social networks constant manifestations of the works created by young people in all parts of the world. El Salvador was no exception.

Odir Domínguez, Originally from the municipality of Puerto de La Libertad, in the coastal zone of El Salvador, he let his imagination and creativity fly during these days of quarantine at home. He resides in a high area, call “The antenna”, that allowed him to appreciate the beautiful panorama of the coast and part of the city, including the emblematic craft pier.

And it was precisely that craft dock, the model of his new creation “a figure to scale”.

Odir is dedicated to recycling aluminum material and other items, so he used those elements and made a model that represents the artisan spring. The work measures 83 centimeters. "I'm trying to avoid falling into anxiety, this has helped me a lot to do something useful in this period that has not been easy for anyone”, says the artist.

Como Odir, thousands of young people today concentrate on new creations. Undoubtedly, when you get out of this quarantine and the door opens, many will demonstrate that even in the worst moments the human being is capable of having a creative soul.