The White House wants veterans who were deported during the Donald Trump administration to return

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Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Thousands of Veterans Who Served the United States Were Deported in Previous Administrations, especially when Donald Trump was president of the country. Many families were divided and these expulsions were not justified according to the Department of Homeland Security, who recognized the commitment and sacrifice of the military and his family members.

Alexander Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security explained, “We are committed to bringing back military and veterans, and his close relatives, who were unfairly expelled, we are going to make sure they receive the benefits they deserve ".

The official ordered immigration agencies to initiate steps to stop deportation proceedings against veterans and their families, Those who are qualified will also be allowed to obtain U.S. citizenship and return to the country safely.

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President Joe Biden pledged to promote the return of veterans and facilitate their legalization in the country. He ordered the creation of a military resource center through which deported veterans will request to return to the territory and their loved ones will also be able to access.