House of Representatives to put President Donald Trump on trial

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By Maria T. Morales

With 232 votes and 197 against, The House of Representatives approved impeachment of Donald Trump, President of the United States.

With this decision, the president marks history by becoming the first President of the United States to be tried on two occasions.

The president will face accusations for incitement to insurrection in the events related to the invasion of the Capitol last 6 from January.

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Trump, who is left alone 7 days to end your period, has said that this process is a “Witch hunt” .

This is the second step that the House of Representatives takes in the process to file a lawsuit against Trump.

Of being guilty, será el Senado el que tomará la decisión de retirarle la probabilidad de ocupar un puesto en el gobierno, among other benefits.

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The process is not easy, y considerando que al mandatario le quedan pocos días en el cargo, the trial against him may begin until after he has retired from the White House, according to experts.

This Wednesday 13 de enero pasará a la historia por ser Trump, Until now, the only president to have been tried twice.

The first time it was because of a phone call he made to his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelenski, who he asked for help to investigate the son of now president-elect Joe Biden.

Unlike the first time, in which no Republican supported the decision, today they added 10 of them against the president.

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