6 February, 2023

The battle continues: Huawei phones will not have the pre installed applications FB

Photo: Marlon Hernandez
By Luisa Moncada

Facebook, the leader of social networking Huawei strikes with a new ban: phones pre Chinese company will not install applications Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram in their new models.

The news was released Friday morning in a press release confirming that the ban is in effect for phones that have not yet been released., that is to say, It does not affect those who already have a phone from the Asian giant and wish to continue using the aforementioned applications.

Facebook's decision is in compliance with the veto imposed last May by the Donald Trump government on Huawei. The executive order signed by the US president prohibits companies from using technological equipment that is distributed by the country's "foreign adversaries" and requires firms to sell supplies to the Chinese brand before, get special approval from the government because they consider Huawei to be a national security risk.

The acid dispute between the US and Huawei, It is a consequence of the tense commercial relationship between this country and China. Donald Trump has accused the Asian telecommunications giant of having relations "too close" to the Chinese government., to the point that their technological equipment could be being used to spy on the movements given by the North American nation.

In another episode of this century novel 21, Google petitioned the Trump administration, be exempted from the de facto trade ban. The request was made public after Huawei announced that it is working on creating its own system to stop using the Android operating system. Google executives say this could be even more dangerous for US security.

For its part China, has endorsed its flagship company and argues that the pressure from the United States is aimed at excluding Huawei from the nascent 5G technology, a generation of wireless technology that will grow by up to 10 gigabytes per second speed of download and data transfer. According to experts, this would mean that entire HD movies could be downloaded in just a matter of seconds.

China is not alone

In this technological battle, China has its allies. Given the complications of the restriction imposed by the United States, Russia came out in defense of the Asian country. Last 5 of June, Huawei signed an agreement with the Russian telecommunications company MTS, in which it is established that Huawei will be the company in charge of developing 5G technology in Russia.

Russian president, Vladimir Putin, denounced that the "attempts to unseat Huawei from the global market mark the beginning of a technological war against China" and accused the United States of trying to "expel the Huawei company from the global market" as an "attempt to monopolize the new technological wave and limit the access of its fruits ", something that according to him "would raise the problem of global inequality to a whole new and different level".

The Kremlin leader's statements were given in the 23 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, in which leaders from Europe and Asia also participate.