Navarro called on the new legislature to resume the approval of the General Water Law

Ricardo Navarro, President of the Salvadoran Center for Appropriate Technology, (BASKET). Photo: Saul Martinez.
By Yaneth Estrada

On International Earth Day, Ricardo Navarro, President of the Salvadoran Center for Appropriate Technology (BASKET), called on the new legislature to resume the approval of the General Water Law, without any objection, since that's what civilized people do.

Taking into account that El Salvador in recent years suffered from the “Climate change” that brought a water emergency in Greater San Salvador, water with more than 17 types of pollutants, tropical storms that left damage and deaths, temperature increase, and forest fires, low agricultural productivity in the dry corridor, hitting the poorest municipalities and placing the territory among the most vulnerable in the world.

This is why, that the environmentalist disagrees with what was mentioned by the Presidential Commissioner for Water, Federick Benitez, who via twitter expressed that the same people as always have not understood that they are irrelevant and any law expressly approved, will be vetoed by the President of the Republic, n watch.

"The @BancadaCyan will be in charge of approving the Water Law, that will benefit all Salvadorans ", stated the commissioner on his official Twitter account, around 5:49 in the afternoon of this 20 of April, after learning that the Environment and Climate Change Commission of the Legislative Assembly, plans to resume the discussion of the draft bill, next Monday.

Navarro, emphasizes that the Legislative Assembly, had the opportunity to have passed the Water Law more than 10 years, that although it is true that the effort made by the current Legislative Commission has, these should not be repealed.

"Saying what this Assembly does is irrelevant and that it will be vetoed., It is an affirmation, not very correct, Therefore, we must return to what the current Commission has done and, based on that, give it continuation, If I were the president of the Republic and they pass me a law, I'm not going to veto it ", Navarro indicated.

Likewise, the expert considered what was said by the head of state, in which he would veto the approval of the General Water Law, it is nothing "smart", and that any "chimpanzee", think better, and that the best thing that Bukele should do is; observe it in any case.

"The rainbow fell short, compared to the colors that the water reflected during the administration of Federick Benítez, in charge of the National Administration of Aqueducts and Sewers ", Navarro said.

On the subject of food, the holder of the BASKET, noted that it is important to strengthen the work of farmers, since for the country it is more convenient for food production to be established in the same territory and not as has been done with respect to imports from Mexico.

"Just the fact of buying food packages outside the country, and not make them with the same producers, it is a totally irrational action, where the little capacity for analysis is also reflected ", he said.

For the environmentalist, It is sad that the authorities of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock still do not understand that the country must produce food that is resistant to climate change, for example; the Movement of Victims Affected and Affected by Climate Change and MOVIAC Corporations, have presented the preliminary draft of the Law for the Promotion, Protection and Development of Agroecology, with which it is sought to produce in harmony with the environment and protect Creole seeds, without disrespecting biodiversity.