3 February, 2023

The Association of Salvadoran Professionals and Entrepreneurs APESE celebrates its first anniversary

Elizabeth Wahn Arbizú and Sebastián Alas, delivered to the Ambassador of El Salvador in Panama, Diana Vanegas, help for Salvadorans in difficult conditions residing in Panama.
By Anayansi Rivas

The 15 September 2019 was born in panama, the Association of Salvadoran Professionals and Entrepreneurs APESE, by celebrating the first anniversary it stands out as an organization that promotes unity, empathy and solidarity in a difficult time the world is experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

APESE welcomes renowned Salvadoran businessmen and executives who have stood out from their fields outside the country, and that raise the name of El Salvador with a work of excellence and perseverance.

One year after the birth of APESE, your president, David Hernández says that the organization makes efforts to establish itself as a benchmark for Salvadoran professional men and women and businessmen residing around the world..

Hernández, an expert professional in the airline industry, emphasizes that the main objective of the group is to create bonds of solidarity and show the talent of the Salvadoran diaspora with a positive image of El Salvador abroad.

David Hernandez, President of APESE.

But nevertheless, acknowledges that it has not been easy to work in the context of the pandemic, although this situation has strengthened them as an organization, and as people, overcoming barriers and carrying messages of encouragement and improvement through seminars on how to prepare for the future.

Likewise, APESE has stood out for its social work, delivering contributions to the Embassy of El Salvador in Panama to bring aid to Salvadorans residing in the canal country. He has made donations to the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and has also supported Panamanian doctors who struggle daily in hospitals, polyclinics and the Intensive Care Unit of Hospital del Niño.

further, APESE gave its contribution to support the families affected by the storm Amanda that hit El Salvador in this 2020.

The Director of the Solidarity Committee of the association, Elizabeth Wahn Arbizú, based in Panama, He recalled that in just one year they have carried out several projects focused on Salvadorans living in Panama and El Salvador.

Wahn Arbizú assured that APESE wants to contribute to Panama in gratitude for the opportunities it has given to Salvadorans.

Elizabeth Wahn Arbizú, Director of the APESE Solidarity Committee.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Alas, Membership Director of APESE highlighted that the support of all active members who are always attentive to the call for solidarity to offer a helping hand has been decisive for the success of the association..

Sebastian Alas, APESE Membership Director.

“APESE celebrates this first anniversary, that coincides with our Patria Independence Day, sending a message of strength to our Salvadoran communities abroad that have shown great courage and resilience to move forward in adverse times for humanity ", David Hernández ended, President of the organization.