10 August, 2022

The Legislative Assembly approved a series of judicial law reforms to expel more than 150 judges

Photo: Courtesy.
For Recinos Kriscia

The Savior – The Legislative Assembly approved reforms to the Law of the Judicial Career, which will mean the expulsion of 156 judges from all over the country.

The deputies of New Ideas, President Nayib Bukele's party have been in charge of introducing the list of reforms aimed at modifying the procedure for the transfer of judges and magistrates from all over the country.

It establishes that all judges and magistrates with more than 60 years or more than 30 years of service will be terminated from your position. A clause that will allow the expulsion of 156 judges, although the magistrates of the Supreme Court are excluded.

Among the judges affected are Jorge Guzmán, the person in charge of the investigation into the El Mozote massacre, to which the Army of El Salvador has even blocked access to files related to the massacre despite a ruling by the Supreme Court, which concluded that the inspection of the files is legal and does not harm the Armed Forces.

Bukele's allies approved the reforms while the opposition, jurists and defenders of democracy criticized the action and point out that it is a mortal blow to the independence of the judiciary in El Salvador. further, They have indicated that what was approved seeks to guarantee the ruling party its own judges.

The approval of the reforms takes place after the Salvadoran legislative power dismissed several judges of the Constitutional, a movement criticized by the international community since it is a step towards authoritarianism in the country.