10 August, 2022

Kamala Harris: "I am the first woman in this position, but I won't be the last "

Photo: Courtesy.
By Maria T. Morales

"I will be honest, loyal and ready, getting up every morning to work ", said the first woman to be elected to the position of vice president of the United States.

For her, his greatest inspiration is the president-elect, whom he described as "healer, who unites the people, has a steady hand and will help us, as a nation, to find our sense of purpose ".

Thanked the women, who came out to vote with determination and strength in the midst of a struggle to be heard.

"I love you all, more than I can express ", she expressed excited.

“With their vote they have chosen the unit, decency and truth ", he claimed.

He added that the road will not be easy "but Joe and I are ready.".

The celebration of the electoral victory ended with fireworks that flooded the night with the colors of the American flag.

The celebrations continue across the nation, while in other places like Arizona, where the vote counting still continues, seguidores de Donald Trump, they continue with protests, and claim an alleged fraud.