Juan Guaidó declares himself president of Venezuela

Photo: @jguaido.
By Hector Murcia

Amid a day of protests, opposition leader and president of the Venezuelan Congress, Juan Guaidó Wednesday declared interim president of Venezuela.

Shortly after, The president of United States, Donald Trump, he hastened to recognize Guaidó as the legitimate Venezuelan president and a statement issued by the White House is recognized as a new interim president.

Trump also called on other governments recognize Guaidó as president of Venezuela, call to which the governments of Canada and joined, Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

"We will work constructively with them (South American countries) to support their efforts to restore constitutional legitimacy ", Bush said in remarks to the press.

further, Trump said the United States will continue to use its economic and diplomatic force to restore democracy in Venezuela, because in his opinion the people of Venezuela "has spoken out courageously against Maduro and his regime, and they have requested freedom and the rule of law ".

Meanwhile, the United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, He urged the Venezuelan military to support efforts to restore democracy in Venezuela.

Although Trump called on other nations to recognize the interim president, Mexico's government made it clear that for the moment he will not recognize the interim president.

In the public event, Guaidó said his statement reflects the fight against theft of the presidency exerted by the regime Nicolas Maduro.

Early, thousands of Venezuelans in several cities and the capital, They left their homes during Wednesday morning to protest massive marches to protest Maduro.

The demonstrations were called by the opposition to discredit the new government that took office Maduro few days ago. But also, Chavistas also took to the streets of the Venezuelan capital in support Maduro.