Young Salvadorans make necroturismo to learn from its history

By Yaneth Estrada

San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, It is betting on tourism in cemeteries to teach history and culture to students in summer schools in the country.

The National Civil Police (PNC), It is organizing tours of the area cemeteries with students, as this serves as a support action to break the limits of the threats between neighborhoods in the Salvadoran capital, imposed by gangs or criminal groups.

"There should be no difference just because it is from a colony or community, here we see ourselves as Salvadorans ", says deputy inspector Rafael Hernández, head of the Prevention Section of the San Salvador Delegation, during one of the tourist tours in a cemetery of San Salvador together with inhabitants of various populous sectors.

Very surprised, Restless and eager to know a little more, the girls looked, children, teenagers, teachers and community leaders before the cultural wealth of the Los Ilustres cemetery, one of which has great cultural wealth, located in the heart of San Salvador.

further, the organizers consider that it is necessary for young people to know the origins of great legends in the history of El Salvador, the agents, with preventive functions, to bring the Police closer to the communities.

On the tour, the young people visited the mausoleums of Prudencia Ayala, the first woman to run for president and fight for women's rights. Also that of Francisco Morazán, President of the Federal Republic of Central America; Alfredo Espino, prominent Salvadoran writer; and Enrico Massi, considered as a pioneer of Salvadoran aviation.

The benefited schoolchildren come from the Republic of Ecuador study centers, from the Santa Anita neighborhood, and Pan American League, among others. This action fosters coexistence between communities, and will serve in your academic cultural training, explains the officer.

"There is friendship and healthy coexistence, now we walk like a big family, the only thing that can differentiate us is the uniform ”reflected Deputy Inspector Hernández, after the end of the cultural and interactive day.