10 August, 2022

Salvadoran Young leads project to support children Panamanian public schools

Photo VD / Courtesy: inspiring Minds.
Miraculously Vallecillos

Alessandra Chiriatti, young Salvadoran resident in Panama, leading a new project to support children of Panamanian public schools. She and other students at your school, They developed the "Inspiring Minds" project, an initiative that is from the American Academy of Panama, which aims to reinforce the learning process.

“This idea came about because sometimes I helped my classmates to study for exams, and I could experience that I enjoyed doing it. Since then, I realized that I could also help people with fewer resources than us. I joined with a group of colleagues to develop the idea, and through a teacher we contacted United Way, who supported us to get the pilot school”, said Alessandra.

Alessandra Chiriatti, leads with a group of classmates, “Inspiring Minds”. Photo VD / Courtesy: inspiring Minds.

Also in the project, participate 50 4th grade volunteers. high school year. We do one event a week., where classes are taught 40 children of 4 a 6 years. From the 3:00 until 5:00 p.m., we offer english classes, maths, environment and physical activities. Our method is based on teaching in a fun way, so that children are motivated to learn”, explained the salvadoran.

Chiriati also said that the selection of children, who are benefited by the project, it is according to that age, since it is a critical stage in which minors must receive a strong learning base. “As we help children learn, We also create awareness in helping those most in need”, I continue the Salvadoran.

Photo VD / Courtesy: inspiring Minds.

“Inspiring Minds”, started in June of this year and due to the positive impact it has obtained important results. The plan is to take this project to more public schools nationwide, to contribute to the Panamanian education system.

“That is precisely the idea., I hope other schools are inspired by this initiative and contribute to the education of children. The future of Panama depends on the level of education of the people. We can all help, it is only necessary for each one to contribute with their grain of sand”, finished the young.

Photo VD / Courtesy: inspiring Minds.
Photo VD / Courtesy: inspiring Minds.