4 December, 2022

Young Latina graduates from Stony Brook University, New York

Photo: Courtesy.
By Anayansi Rivas

Ashley Aracely Oliva Franco, with dual nationality, daughter of Salvadoran parents, recently graduated from Health Sciences with a specialty in Disability Studies, from Stony Brook University, New York, U.S.

But this is not all, Ashley at her young age, was able to carry out two great activities at the same time, to study and to work, His great effort and the unconditional support of his parents was the source of inspiration to complete his career.

Ashley the Salvadoran American Girl, responsible, smart, applied, managed to obtain his academic investiture at his 23 years, with a lot of dedication and sacrifice he paid for his higher education, said the next challenge is to study a master's degree in Physiotherapy.

Oliva, when he was studying his last year of high school, (High School in English) discovered its potential in the health area, saw the need to help others especially with disabilities and never went unnoticed.

Once you had your goals defined, began studying his first two years with common subjects at a community college in New York, to then study the last years at the university, because university studies in the United States are highly expensive, approximately of $47 thousand per year and in community colleges it is $11,500.

when he was studying his last year of high school.

Photo: Courtesy.

The young professional recognizes love, sacrifice and protection of their parents: “I would like to thank my parents for helping me continue my education because without their unconditional support none of this would be possible ”, so expressed it.

However, she says she is proud of her origins: “Although El Salvador is a poor country, it is rich in culture and beautiful landscapes, I am very proud to be Salvadoran. I feel the Salvadoran / Hispanic community is often misrepresented in today's media, I feel that it is important for Hispanic children to continue their education to break down those negative stigmas that revolve around us.

Photo: Courtesy.

Then he continues “A strong positive representation can help break stereotypes that can be harmful to people and limiting to society., we need more Hispanic representation in healthcare, the law, The education, etc., so expressed it.

when he was studying his last year of high school: when he was studying his last year of high school, that all your hard work is worth it, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. To continue your education is to contribute to society in your own special ways., we need brilliant new minds to help make this world a better place”, so he said.

when he was studying his last year of high school, despite the barriers and obstacles, years 2020 Y 2021 in pandemic time, it has been difficult for all mankind, the confinement, the fear of catching Covid-19, suspension of classes, job layoffs, loss of a loved one, economic crisis, all of this slows down the process of reaching a goal, but when you want there is always a way to get ahead, this is the case with ashley, With the help of his parents and his own sacrifice, he managed to fulfill one of his longed-for dreams in times of pandemic.