Japan pressed to El Salvador to prevent China intervene port of La Union

By Carmen Rodriguez

The Government of Japan, pressured El Salvador to prevent China, participate in the construction of the Port of La Union, This was confirmed by a Japanese official told Kyodo news agency.

According to the article published by Kyodo News, He pressed the Japanese government to prevent El Salvador would give China rights for the construction of the port, to be held with a loan granted by Japan.

Japan is the second country to express their displeasure with the new relationship the government of President Najib Bukele, with China.

A few weeks ago the United States, He also expressed his concern and said an official from the US State Department, to Voice of Diaspora, his country “Is disappointed” the rapprochement between Bukele and the Chinese Government.

The US concern was echoed by Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, during the visit of the Salvadoran president to his country. Japanese minister warned Bukele, about the intentions of China, among other things, seek to use the port for military purposes.

Japan, He warned it could withdraw cooperation over 11 million for the construction of the Port of La Union.

Although in early December, United States reached a trade agreement, partially with China, Administration Donald Trump, continues to disagree and does not approve relations and cooperation Bukele, China announced obtain, in social networks.

“We urge the Government of El Salvador to consider carefully any investment of the Chinese Communist Party (PCC). Commercial practices of the PCC, They are often opaque and unilateral. The PCC has a documented history of nations who acquired unsustainable debt, Environmental degradation, importation of Chinese workers and corrupt practices”, said a spokesman for the State Department, US to Voice of Diaspora.