1 October, 2022

Jackeline Quijano, Salvadoran talented journalist nominated for Emmy Awards

Miraculously Vallecillos

Jackeline Quijano to be nominated for two "Emmy Award" is a privilege. The award will be next 22 June recognizes the television productions transmitted in the United States, including news, entertainment, documentaries and sports.

"I am very grateful to God", Salvadoran journalist states participating in this edition 2019 Emmy with "Historias que contar", Univision Washington a draft showing the testimony of his companions and his arrival in the US.

"Some washed dishes and other incursions in areas where they never thought, such as teaching for special children. They are stories of journalists who report on situations today that they lived in the past ", tells the nominee.

The second production is a series of reports GRADUATES: "Sister cities - Washington DC and San Salvador", who worked alongside Rafael Sanchez Cruz, American origin with Mexican roots, whom he has called "the Salvadoran honorable" because of the passion printed on each piece of journalism.

An inspirational woman

His story is simply inspiring, those who know her know that besides being a professional vocation is a man with high principles.

It started in the media of El Salvador to its 13 years, when he dabbled in radio. He never thought to reach television, But that opportunity occurred in 2004 hand of his teacher and mentor, Pedro Portillo Technological University, who encouraged her to audition for a pasantilla in Canal 33.

"I had a college program, called 'we interview', and it was thanks to that experience that happened to my teacher to do the test in 33 ", Jackeline details.

Later, in 2006 he joined the team news 4Visión, where he remained for 10 years, time that was also part of Teledos, both programs Telecorporación TCS Salvadoreña.

At 2016, He decided to travel to Washington with her young son. Leave El Salvador it was not easy, but at the time it was imperative for safety, as a situation of violence that risked his life came.

"I consider myself a woman of faith, and every step felt the immense support of God. That decision I learned that to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness everything else is added ", assures.

To reach the United States, the road was difficult. There, He was tested the mettle and desire to get ahead with his son in a strange land.

But his tenacity and determination, They helped her succeed, and one year later 2017 It became part of the staff of Noticias Univision Washington.

"Since then I am part of a family of professional, first as Multimedia Content Producer and now as TV Producer ", states.

Among its many facets, Jacky is part of the Network of Salvadoran journalists in 5 Continents, which it has come to constitute the Journalists Association of Salvadoran Diaspora, occupying the direction of the International Training Center. further, their valuable contributions have been key to correspondents agency Voice of Diaspora, of that association.

What will happen 22 of June?

"I do not know what will happen, but God is the one who supports me. Only the fact that he entered the Academy of Television Arts and the United States as nominated two projects that I presented, It is a godsend. I really did not expect it, but it happens at a time when I know it was God ", states.

It is not known what will happen 22 of June, but one thing is certain, Jackeline Quijano is already a Salvadoran pride. A journalist who won the heart of the television industry in the United States.