Italy and Sweden, two sides of the coronavirus in Europe

VD photo Marlon Hernandez

Report Diego Recinos, Marlon Hernandez photos from Sweden and Engelbert Maldonado, from Italy.

Until Friday, Europe is positioned as the epicenter of the pandemic of the coronavirus. But nevertheless, the countries of the continent face and live in very different ways the health crisis.

a Itialia, country remains quarantined since the beginning of this week, reports 1,266 deaths from coronavirus. While in Sweden, in the whole country, There have been only two deaths from coronavirus.

Italy, reported in recent days 250 deaths, every 24 hours attributed to the coronavirus. In the most affected region, Lombardy, authorities confirmed 9,820 cases.

In Sweden, across the country are reported only 815 cases of people infected with covit-19 and two deaths.

This country has not enacted any measures prohibiting persons to move freely through the streets, but citizens and residents have chosen not to take to the streets and stay home voluntarily.

common, in most countries hit by the outbreak of the disease is age, people between 40 Y 60 years, with previous medical conditions, They are the most affected.

A still image gallery correspondents sent this news from Italy and Sweden, in which both countries face shows how the health crisis.

Around Stockholm, Sweden. VD photo Marlon Hernandez.
VD photo Marlon Hernandez
One of the busiest areas near Milan, looks with little influx of people. Photo VD Engelbert Maldonado.
In the only open supermarket near Milan people lined up to enter. Photo VD Engelbert Maldonado.
Few people came on Friday in Italy, to seek supplies of some products. VD Engelbert Maldonado Photos.