21 January, 2023

Italy extends quarantine to 3 of May

photo VD: Engelbert Pérez Maldonado.

By Engelbert Pérez Maldonado, Italy

Italians must stay three more weeks at home and settle to see the first month of spring from the windows, balconies and terraces.

Italian authorities extended quarantine decree, expires on 13 of April, until the 3 of May. The decision of the Italian Government is given, after listening to his scientific technical team, to the social sectors and employers.

The objective agreed by the Italian sectors, is to guarantee the safety of workers and their families amid the pandemic that is hitting the country. Italians do their part too and accept the sacrifice of staying home, despite economic losses.

The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte,  today called on the population to sacrifice another three more weeks to guarantee health. “Despite the current results on the progression of the disease are encouraging, we should not give in now because we can be frustrated, today is the time to have high attention”, he said on national television.

Infection numbers are encouraging. This week, according to the Civil Protection data, the percentage of new infections is 3%, very distant from those obtained between the 19 Y 20 March when the highest peaks were recorded, from between 14.9% Y 14.6%.

The Prime Minister regretted that the two public holidays this month, Easter and Liberation Day (25 of April) the population should have stayed at home, but he pointed out that the health of all Italians is important.

Despite the fact that the Government has only held a few sessions regarding the measures that will be taken in the coming days, the opening of businesses for supplies for children will be allowed, bookstores and stationeries; as well as, the possibility of moving from one place to another, provided they are exclusively for work.

Conte hopes that after May 3, activities gradually normalize. The government plan is that this happens, according to organized planning in all areas, for which the creation of a multidisciplinary group of experts with high national and international experience has been destined, so that they give the recommendations to the council of ministers.

Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, in a message to the country.

“We will make the decisions based on the recommendations that we make for the restart of activities, assuming as government all political responsibilities”, Conte stated.

Planning for the restart of activities is a requirement of the Confederation of Industrialists (Cofindustria) through Luisa Mateoli, who considers that in this way, ensures optimizing energy taking into account that it will be necessary to continue with security measures.

To this day,  Civil Protection monitoring, identifies a total of more than 147 thousand 500 cases, of which 98 thousand 273 were positive to the virus, 30 thousand 455 recovered and 18 thousand 849 dead.

In another order, the prime minister also referred to the negotiations he is having with his peers 23 countries of the European Union to get the emission of Eurobonds accepted, in order to finance the problems caused by the pandemic crisis and distribute them when possible.

“It is a very difficult negotiation, but if we sit down to treat with dignity and accord with the unity of our people, we are sure you will believe our reasons that not only benefit Italy, but to all of Europe”, Conte emphasized.