Italy tightens quarantine measures from Saturday

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora, reports and pictures of Engelbert Maldonado, from Italy.

After registering almost 800 daily deaths, the Italian authorities decided to tighten quarantine measures in the country. Although a week ago Italian citizens and residents, They stay at home, from Saturday, restrictions will be higher.

Some supermarkets that remained open at different times, They should close all its activities. further, the few cars transiting the streets for some dire need, They may do so only with a person on board: driver.

The people that, despite quarantine, She went out to do his exercises, They will from Saturday to make them at home. Cycling tracks in public parks were closed completely and some who can go out they will only exercise around their homes.

According to information from the Italian authorities, Saturday confirmed 793 deaths from the coronavirus. While the number of positive cases reached 47,021 and deaths add up today, 42,032 victims covid-19.