Paraguay floods leave more than 40 thousand evacuees

For Recinos Kriscia

At least in Paraguay 197 schools have closed, thousands of people have lost power service and it is impossible to move on the roads.

All this after torrential rains in recent days have caused the overflowing of the River Paraguay born in Brazil and crosses the territory from north to south.

Local media reports over 40 thousand evacuated by river flooding brought about by the worst floods in 50 Years Latin American country.

Water has also damaged offices of the Ministries of Interior and Culture.

The government said it has sent tons of food, to places like Pilar, flooded in 80%, Chaco where several indigenous communities, and Asuncion where a state of emergency declared.

They reported that the towns provided water pumps with capacity to absorb 250 thousand liters per hour.

Some 40 indigenous community leaders gathered to demand assistance and, the closure of roads flooded by water that prevent them from reaching health centers nearby.

The rains have not ceased and properties of the Armed Forces are being used as shelter.