Salvadoran Social Security Institute calls examinations to children exposed to midazolam with benzyl alcohol

Photo: @Isss_gob_sw
By Yaneth Estrada

In compliance with the ruling of the Constitutional Chamber, the authorities of the Salvadoran Social Security Institute (Ishshs) They called this week to parents of children born in the Mayday Hospital 2009 a 2012 to be screened for providing midazolam with benzyl alcohol.

In July 2015 the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court (CSJ) He condemned the authorities of the Salvadoran Social Security Institute (Ishshs) endangering the right to health of newborns by providing midazolam with benzyl alcohol, as sedative ventilatory.

The complaint was made in 2009, when neonatologist Carlos Flamenco made a series of warnings about the routine use of the drug with benzyl alcohol in newborns, which could cause serious neurological damage.

According to the decision of the Board, This sedative "violates the right to health of newborns, derived from the actions of the defendants authorities and is based on the imminent danger they were exposed to undergo a drug treatment that could have caused serious adverse effects and a high risk of problems in the development of its central neurological system ".

As well, amparo filed against the director general of the ISSS, the deputy health director and the board of the ISSS and the director of the hospital Mayday for violating the right to health.